Maggie, a 1950’s actress, is admitted to a psychiatric hospital after being confronted by her traumatic past in an acting studio.


Three Days is a tragic and gripping short film inspired by the experiences of women in the 1950's who had to endure electroshock therapy and prolonged periods of isolation in the psych ward. Detailed letters entailing their experience were left behind...

Maggie, our heroine, is forced to confront parts of her traumatic past in an acting class through a series of humiliating exercises created to break her ego and “empty her out”. Maggie is exploited in all forms - something that is common, even today, in acting studios where coaches encourage actors to expose their traumas without professional counsel.

In this story, Maggie finds herself confined to a mental hospital where she is put through psychoanalysis, ice baths, medication and isolation in a cemented cell. It's in here that she is pushed to her breaking point. But despite all these unconventional methods to try to tame her, Maggie sees sanity is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Erin Boyes


Erin is the writer of Three Days and will be playing the lead character Maggie. She brings her knowledge and experience from training and working throughout the US and Canada as a theatre, film and television actor for over 15 years. Erin has produced and starred in two previous award-winning short films, Nomansland and Fruitcake, which have played at festivals around the world.

Strongly influenced by her degree in psychology,  Erin’s film projects explore the history of mental health in women, particularly the desperation to be believed.  She is inspired by period films like Far From Heaven, The Hours and Frances and the plays of Tennessee Williams. Erin is honored and inspired by all of the support she has received to bring Three Days to life!

Dani Barker


Dani is the creator/director of the  successful web-series Starvival turned into TBS show The Unprofessionals and the show Squirm on Canada's diverse channel OUTtv. She is a producer, writer and lead actor on the feature thriller Follow Her, shot in New York City, to be released late 2021. Since landing in Vancouver, she directed two short films, the first of which launched online for free, entitled The Poo Bag and has been wildly successful; and the follow up to that film called Nothing’s Original which is currently in the festival circuit and set to release fall of 2021. 



Belen Garcia is a Mexican Cinematographer & Photographer who lives and creates in Vancouver, British Columbia. Belen has spent the past decade capturing photographs and creating media centered on diverse communities and neighborhoods. She has lived and studied in New York, Florida, Mexico City and Vancouver. Behind her lens is a woman impassioned to find belonging in her projects. Nostalgia twitches just beneath the surface of her work’s skin, informing not only the content but also the framing, lines and colours. Before making the transition to film, Belen studied animation, a practice which continues to influence her perspective. 


Sydney Scotia


Sydney Scotia is a Canadian/American actor, producer, and director. She produced and starred in a short film, I Dare You, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival and for which she was nominated for a Joey award for her portrayal of Julie. Under her own production company, Scotia Entertainment, Sydney has directed a feature length documentary on traumatic brain injury in victims of domestic violence, This Hits Home,which won the audience choice award at the 2020 Boston Film Festival. She draws on her experience from both in front of and behind the camera.

Chris Gaunt


Chris spent over 30 yrs in the business world before proactively departing to act, produce & write full-time. Over the past few years, Chris has acted in a number of features, shorts, commercials and music videos and has been a producer on 6 films. Chris has been working closely with Dani Barker for the last year and a half on the feature thriller film, Follow Her, as an Executive Producer.

Gabriel Medina


Gabriel Zamora is a Producer, Director of Photography and Camera Operator in Vancouver, BC. He is an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and the owner of  Red Eye Motion Pictures Production Company. He is enthusiastic, resourceful and passionate about filmmaking with the eye and craft needed to bring ideas to life using light and motion.

Jonathan dubois


Jonathan DuBois was born on February 18, 1985 in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. He is a producer and cinematographer, known for Buddy Games (2019), The Marine 5: Battleground (2017) and William (2019). He is currently producing Hypnotic for Netflix.

Mood Board

Three Days is a period piece so every piece of furniture, prop and wardrobe will reflect the corresponding time of year, 1953-1961. It will be minimal props as all the emphasis will be on the performance and the quick progression of our heroine losing herself into the abyss of her own mind and trauma. This will be attained by using black backgrounds and blowing out the acting studio into darkness so people fade away and the room appears empty, which is reflective of how someone might feel after exposing very personal truth’s without warning. Empty.

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